Image of 2 oz Henbane Flower Essence *Alcohol Free Image of 2 oz Henbane Flower Essence *Alcohol Free Image of 2 oz Henbane Flower Essence *Alcohol Free

2 oz Henbane Flower Essence *Alcohol Free


This black henbane (hyoscyamus niger) flower essence was ritually created in the Golden Dome garden on the summer solstice.

Black henbane flower essence can be used to connect with the ancestors. Henbane aids in un-crossing and un-hexing and helps to break harmful patterns that span generations. It is a protective plant that gives those who work with it great protection and keen intuition. It is an ancient herb used in initiatory rites that feature the symbolism of rebirth. This essence bathes you in an inky sea of desire and mystery.

This Henbane Flower Essence was made with apple cider vinegar and distilled water - it is best used by 6/21/2021.

Take three drops of the flower essence under your tongue 1-3 times a day for as long as needed.

To use black henbane flower to communicate with ancestors, take three drops before ancestral rites during the dark or waning moon to better commune with the dead. Ingest before bed and invite your familiar spirits to visit your dreams. Add the flower essence to ritual baths, and use it to anoint yourself, your ritual tools, and your altar space.

Black henbane is a poisonous plant and can only be safely worked with in the form of a flower essence.