Image of 60 Minute Tarot Reading with Wade Gasque

60 Minute Tarot Reading with Wade Gasque


Wade is a queer writer, director, teacher and spiritual advisor. His narrative feature, TIGER ORANGE, premiered at Outfest in 2014 and can be seen on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. He’s a Nicholl Semifinalist, a Film Independent Fellow, and has directed theater at the Geffen Playhouse, the Skirball Cultural Center, as well as with underprivileged teens from all over LA through City at Peace. He is co-owner of theOffice, a quiet sanctuary for writers and creatives for over 15 years. For the last 2 years, he has studied and worked daily with the tarot as a tool for connecting with the muse, carousing with the shadow and aligning more fully with the highest self. His client readings are a dialogue of discovery informed by mythology, tantric numerology and over 25 years of sacred play in the storytelling arts.